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4 Tips for Preparing Your Home to Sell in Today’s Market

In the current market, houses are selling fast – meaning there’s typically no need to spend time and money on large home repairs and renovations to get an offer. Instead, homeowners should focus on quick, easy DIY projects to give their space a facelift…

May 3, 2022
a group of volunteers sort out collected donations

How to Make an Impact This Global Volunteer Month

If you’re like many people right now, you’re feeling a particular sense of urgency to roll up your sleeves and be a force for good. “When we face difficult times, as we have during the pandemic and now with the war in Ukraine, we…

April 1, 2022
Minimalistic table setting on table

5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Routine

Falling short of your goals? In a period of stagnation? It may be time to spring clean your routine. Here are a few tips and ideas for getting more done with greater ease. 1. Spruce up your settings: Do you find some of the…

March 16, 2022